Why Now?

LouTechWorks is Mayor Greg Fischer’s plan to radically scale Louisville’s tech talent pipeline.

Mayor Fischer rolled out his 100-Day Plan in conjunction with his 3rd term inauguration in January. It is composed of several big picture themes that the Mayor has identified as his administration’s top priorities for his final term.

One of these themes, Vibrant Economy and Place, includes developing an initiative to radically scale Louisville’s tech job growth. Right now, Louisville has about 79% of the tech jobs it should have for a city of its size. In order for Louisville to get to 100% of the jobs it should have, we need to grow nearly 1,500 tech jobs a year for four years—that’s five times the growth we’re projected to receive.


What exactly is a “tech job”?

Many, if not most, jobs these days involve computers and some level of tech skills. But in this plan, we’re talking specifically about jobs in Information Technology (IT): roles like web developer, network engineer, software programmer, data scientist, and IT security analyst. In other words, jobs requiring technical expertise in computers, software, networks, etc.

Why so much focus on tech?

A thriving tech sector is critical to a city’s overall economic health. Tech jobs are less exposed to automation than jobs in most other sectors, they have the second highest wages of any local job group, and Louisville is lagging behind. Although our tech job growth is stronger, we currently sit 13th of 15 in tech job concentration among our peer cities.

Why is the goal to 5x the number of tech jobs, instead of 2x or 20x?

Because it’s in the sweet spot of being both ambitious and achievable. If we reach this goal, Louisville will be well-positioned to compete for the top companies and talent. It will also be on track to becoming a regional hub of innovation in the near future.

Ok, so what’s your plan to make all this happen?

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